Michael J. Black has earned the reputation as an innovative leader in a multitude of different industries. Throughout his multifaceted career and over the last 25 years he has obtained over thirty designations, including: Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Hypnotherapist, Energy Healing, Sourcing, Hawaiian Healing, Law of Attraction Trainer, Working With Angels, Success Coaching, Wellness Certification, Advanced Coaching, Reflexology and Reiki Master.

As a 3rd generation psychic, dedicated entrepreneur, and seasoned life coach, Michael combines his diverse skill set to help people pave the path to lasting success. Ultimately, he is on a mission to empower people to harness their limitless potential and dismantle all the road blocks that stand in the way of their fulfilling life.

In his 20s, after college, Michael started working as a Financial Analyst and soon became the youngest Assistant Vice President of a Fortune 50 company.  From there, he became National Sales Manager of numerous prominent companies.  He then became a successful Stock Trader. This ultimately drove him to launch several companies of his own and ended up generating millions of dollars in revenue.

In his early 30s, he had several character building experiences, that put him on the road to discovering meaning, spiritual meaning and a search for knowledge in many areas of life.  He learned how to help himself and others get powerful, real and permanent change, quickly and with ease.

When he isn’t helping his clients be their best versions, Michael enjoys good food and wine, cooking, exercising, meditating, exploring new places and learning new things. He loves spending quality time with friends, family, including his best friend in dog form, Max.

Great service! Motivational and Inspirational! – E

Amazing! Much more than expected. Michael is really nice and takes you very seriously. Besides I suddenly received an opportunity to attract money before he even completed the order:-) – Sonja

He was spot on and accurate. God bless you sir light and blessings. – P

Dear Michael, thank you so much for your help. Nicolás and MayHe is so on key!! – G

He is really good and kind heart it I can't wait to see the results – P

Thank you so much. I appreciate your help. I will definitely take your advice. – C

This man is wonderful. His work is awesome. Thank youuuuuuuu -G

I love his work because he knows what he is doing and cares about his clients. He is willing to go above and beyond to help in anyway he can. He is very on point but you must try him for yourself. He is not like some of the other sellers trying to get extra money and does nothing. I will definitely be back for more. Thanks Michael - S

Very fast delivery and I immediately had some changes come into my life. I got money to go on a trip, on the trip I received another free trip, I also got a raise from my job. A++++ work!   - L

Michael is always professional, on target, fast to respond with kindness and results ! – PaulVery happy with the supportive and clarifying communication from the seller. Nice direct instructions and thank you for the encouragement. – Emily


Can I come see you Teach?
Yes! I am teaching on a cruise and would love for you to come!

Do I need to see you in person for healing, reading or coaching work?
No, we can do everything over the phone or skype.  I use the Universal Laws of Frequency and Time to reach you where you are.

Does any of your work go against my religious beliefs? 
No.  I believe in God and I am a Christian.  I only want the best for you and all of my clients.  I don’t do spells nor would I force someone to love you or some something out of integrity.

How Do I Contact You?
You can book an appointment, you can email me: or catch me on skype:  mike.black808

What kind of issues does your healing work on the best?
Really all kinds: health, money, career, relationships, romantic, partnership, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

What is your coaching like?
I combine my corporate experience, healing experience, NLP experience to help you achieve the goals you want.  I will help motivate, educate and direct you to the areas that have the highest probability of success.  I like to give you useable homework that can help you realize your goals and outcomes even faster.

What are your psychic readings like?
I enjoy giving you information about the future that you can use now to make good decisions about your future.  I am straight to the point. I don’t use 20 words when 5 will do.  I want the best for you and all of my clients.

contact Michael:
Denver, CO
Skype: mike.black808
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